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Why Us?

Why ReNew Solar Solutions?

In an industry that is filled with “fly by night” and “predatory” solar contractors; ReNew Solar Solutions stands tall & proud with integrity, honesty and trust as core pillars of their company.  
ReNew believes that while our design and installation expertise is important… equally important, is how we service the customer after the installation. That is why we provide you with the industry’s best LIFETIME Craftsmanship Warranty; in order to bring you the Homeowner… “Peace of Mind”.
Owners John & Krista Hrudicka have a long-term vision and believe passionately in the principal… “we treat you, the way we want to be treated”.  We will earn your business before, during and after the “last check is written”!

Why Trust Us?

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BBB A+ Rating
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We Are Local
Tennessee Home Grown!
Professional Expertise
Master Electrician and Commercial General Contractor
Certified & Experienced
All the Major Technology Equipment Brands
Top 10 Solar Technology Solutions Provider
Named by Energy Tech for 3rd Year Running
Certified Partner of Pearl Certification
Less than 1% of All Solar Contractors Nationwide
Featured on The Discovery Channel Show
“Off The Grid”
Industry’s Best
LIFETIME Craftsmanship Warranty
Tesla Powerwall
Certified Installer
Installer of the Year
Awarded by EnergySage for 2024


What do we mean by that?

We will advise you as if it were our home and our money we are investing.


John Hrudicka is a former CFO for both billion dollar level public and private companies.  He has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Business Finance Magazine and CFO Magazine.  John has routinely led Strategy Management departments as part of his span of responsibility.  He was a unique CFO, in that he led first with business & strategy and utilized “finance” to drive execution of the company’s strategic objectives.
He became frustrated with the companies he worked for, in terms of making short-term decisions at the sacrifice of long-term strategy in order to “make the numbers” and appease Wall Street.  He passionately believes that if you put the customer at the center, you will always make decisions and take actions that are optimal for your company’s long-term future.  To that end, John and his wife decided to start their own company and to do things their way – the right way.
At the core of every strategy and every decision – they asked the question “how does this impact the customer and employee”.  In an industry fraught with “fly by night” solar companies chasing revenue and profits, ReNew has “left money on the table” by holding steadfast to its values and principles in how they treat customers and employees.  For John & Krista, it is not about how much money they can make, but the legacy they leave behind and pride of building a company with a foundation of integrity, honesty and trust.


Krista Hrudicka is a CPA and worked early in her career for KPMG (Big 4), as well as a series of leadership roles in finance management including Director of Investor Relations for a billion $ level public company.  She saw first hand the short sighted decisions that company’s make in order to appease investors and protect the stock price at the sacrifice of long-term decision-making.
She urged her husband John to leave the CFO world that he became disenchanted with to start their own company.  As they discussed what type of company they should start, they agreed that their company needed to have “purpose”, that it should “do good”.  They believe that Climate Change is the “biggest threat to security that modern humans have ever faced.”  The choice to create a Solar company, the generation of renewable energy from the sun is a way for them to contribute, to do their part in helping our planet.  They believe in the saying… “The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.  Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects”.   
Krista has a strong faith alongside her husband.  Both their company’s purpose coupled with their genuine intent towards both customers and employees –  “we treat you – the way we, the way we want to be treated” is the driving force behind their company mission.