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Tesla PowerWall 3

Power Everything!

It boasts the industry’s best integrated inverter/battery,

the most powerful technology solution on the market to provide
seamless backup to your entire home with a single unit!!

Efficient Solar Energy Storage

The integrated solar inverter results in the highest conversion efficiency of solar energy into stored electricity, allowing your system to capture more solar energy in the process

Harvest more solar energy and customizable usage settings, optimizing greater value and lower electricity bills.


Most Durable Design

Designed/Engineered for reliability & durability, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions: high humidity & extreme temperatures.

Optimized for cold weather – automatically adjusts internal temperature to optimize production. It can even be submerged in 28 inches of water and still operate!

Powerwall3_House Image

One Integrated Ecosystem

Designed to support EV home charging needs with the ability to optimize for sustainable charging and energy savings.   

Allows EVs to recharge using excess solar that is not needed to power the home.  Allows EVs to recharge using solar, even if the grid is down.