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Monitor BOTH Energy Usage and Solar Production

Home Monitoring Device!

In order to manage your energy, you need to both understand your Solar Production and Energy Consumption.  SENSE SOLAR brings energy management to your fingertips.  It not only shows you what your Solar is producing, but also the Energy your home is consuming… down to the individual appliance/device level.   SENSE SOLAR brings the Homeowner a “state of the art” comprehensive Smart Home Energy Management System!

Save Energy

Understanding how much energy your home is using, when and where, empowers you to find savings. The average user saves 8% on their electric bill.

See What's Up, Know What's On

Get an unprecendented view into your home. See when the garage door opened, the TV turned on, or when the dryer finished its cycdle. Save a trip downstairs.

Avoid Disaster

Knowing when certain devices turn on and off may save our home. Heavy rains? See if your sump pump is running! Forgot to turn off the oven? Sense can tell you.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

See which types of fuel your region is using to generate power throughout the day and use electricity when the grid is at its cleanest. It’s a simple way to have a meaningful impact on climate change.