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Top 5 Reasons To Go SOLAR

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Own your Energy

Whether it is a catastrophic weather event, pandemic or rising global tension.

Take Control & Protect your Home

Important Question

When do you make your final payment to your utility? Answer – you never do and own nothing!

You Own Your Home – Own Your Energy!

Our government will pay you to go GREEN!

Several “independent benchmarks” state that Solar will increase your home value. This increase plus the federal tax credit will pay for the majority of your system!

Get paid to go SOLAR
while making a positive impact on our ENVIRONMENT!


“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children.”

LIFETIME Craftsmanship Warranty

We install your system the right way, and never cut corners… even at the detriment of losing profit. We use only the best technology and equipment. We will earn our customer’s business “before, during & after” the installation.

This is how we can provide a LIFETIME Craftsmanship Warranty; while most in the industry only provide a 1-year warranty.

We believe our approach… “treat customers the way we want to be treated” – is why they rewarded us with a Google 5-Star rating!

This is a large Investment - is the Payback good?

When you consider the 30% federal tax credit, depreciation and the incremental value added to your home – the payback can be immediate!”

Did you ever ask yourself – When do I make my final & last payment to the utility for my power?

The answer is – you never do!  You will make payments forever and own nothing!

This is like renting a home for the rest of your life and having nothing to show for it.



Solar Energy: How to Get
Started, Confidently

An interview with owner and CEO of ReNew Solar Solutions, John Hrudicka