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Bifacial solar modules are designed to increase high efficiency for solar absorption through both sides of the panel versus traditional panels that only produce solar energy from the top of the panel.

With the incredible power gain from the rear side (5% – 25%), homeowners can get an additional 20W to 100W of additional power for a total of up to 500 Watts, depending on the system installation design.

Key benefits of bifacial solar panels

  1. More sunlight to absorb – The bifacial panel can absorb sunlight that bounces off any objects and hits the backside of the panel. Key attributes that increase production: spacing & albedo; typically used for ground-mount applications
  2. Better cloudy day production – Bifacial panels can be more productive on cloudy days when more sunlight is absorbed.
  3. Built to last – Bifacial panels are durable enough to sustain harsh weather conditions even with the extra solar cells on the back.