How Solar Works

How Solar Works

How Does Solar Work?


Have you ever wondered how Solar and Battery Storage work? Check out our video and learn how!



Help our Planet!  We must ALL do our part!

Power Resiliency

Tire of power outages?  Do you want to protect your home?  Claim your independence through Solar and Battery Storage & Backup.
You OWN your home – OWN your power!


When do you make your final payment to your utility?  Answer – you never do!
Take Control — Reduce your Bill — Own your Power

Tennessee SOLAR Program

We have what is called a self-consumption model. This means that you directly use the energy you produce from Solar.
You “own” your energy!  

The energy you produce,  that you consume from Solar; will always, always be immune from rising utility rates!  Why is this?  Because it is “your energy” and you are not using or paying for the utility’s energy!

Tennessee SOLAR Program
How Solar Works

What is the catch?

There is no catch, but there is something important to understand… you can only “consume” energy when the sun is shining, when your solar panels are producing energy.

When the sun is not shining, you are forced to pay the utility for energy at their rates, for which you have no control.  Unless… you use batteries to “store your solar energy” and use for your evening/morning energy needs.

You become “independent” from the utility, as you are using the energy you own.  Batteries also serve as “back-up” in the event of a power outage, the same functionality you would get from a noisy, expensive generator.

This is a large Investment and the Payback doesn’t seem good?

You are right – the payback is not great.  But, when will you make your last & final payment to the utility for your power?  The answer is – you never do!  You will make payments forever and own nothing.  As a result, the payback for your utility power is far worse!

This is like renting a home for the rest of your life and having nothing to show for it – you own nothing!

You want to own your home; why not own your power?

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